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Metal stampings, as well as stamping of various other materials, is one of the core services that we provide at T&C Stamping, Inc. We specialize in advanced metal stampings, including flat blanks, drawn stamped parts, and progressive stampings in medium to high volumes. We can produce stampings with thickness of .002 to .250 and have experience stamping traditional and non-traditional materials, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, spring steel, copper, Mylar, polyester, insulating paper, phenolic, and fine silver.

Our Stamping Equipment

Our stamping presses range from 20 to 330 tons and have press bed sizes from 48" up to 106” with shut heights of up to 24.5". Our stamping presses are equipped with sensitive feed systems and die protection devices, as required, ensuring a higher quality product. For more information about our stamping equipment, visit our Capabilities page.

Stamping-Related Services

In addition to our metal stamping services, we also provide in-die staking, in-die assembly, and in-die tapping, reducing secondary service costs for our customers. We also provide designprototyping, and tool & die services.